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Luxury Marble Inspired Sinks & Basins

The NEW Meganite sinks and basins range is specifically designed for commercial spaces as well as residential applications. The 17 specification-driven models combine natural stone patterns with elegant yet functional shapes to create a breakthrough series. Designers and home users are no longer limited to solid whites. Now you can create a hygienic, space with today’s top trending colors.

Our sinks are crafted from carefully thermoformed sections of Meganite, providing all of the hygienic properties and benefits of solid surface.

Cast sinks can only be created in solid colors, whereas Meganite sinks and basins offer stunning marble-inspired designs. These designs offer the look of real marble sinks with the benefits of solid surface’s non-porous properties and ability to limit bacteria growth, while also eliminating the fabrication difficulties of real marble.

Healhcare Collection

Sinks for Healthcare Spaces

Meganite sinks are made with purpose and functionality in mind. Our industrial engineers disassembled today’s designs and re-imagined them for the future. We broke boundaries and made the Medical Sinks Series’ sinks wall-mounted. This new way of thinking instantly creates more clearance for mobility.

Specially Designed Surgical Sink - MED001


MED001 is a strategically designed surgical sink which is higher at the sides to prevent water from splashing onto surgical attire during the scrub procedure. Sterile team members will also have limited contact with any surfaces during and after performing their hand and arm scrub. It is designed to meet high hygiene demand for the scrub procedure in healthcare spaces.

Trough Collection

We made every trough sink healthier by designing rounded inside edges to eliminate dirt buildup. This adjustment is a much more hygienic design than the traditional straight seams in most through sinks.


Single Collection

Trendy European design inspired the single collection.
  • Vessel Sink
  • Undermount

033A Snow White

M005 Mt. Jade

M007 Mt. Carrara

M009 Mt. Cremo Carrara