Four New Colors From The Award-winning Movement Series

Meganite’s award-winning Movement Series continues to deliver impressive visuals with four new designs for 2019.

M24 Modern Concrete

Modern Concrete is designed to suit a background of understated power. Ivory color gently flows through the strong aesthetic to form a design which stands proud in any application. Today’s concrete feeling, for today’s design.

Comparable to Corian® Neutral Concrete.


M31 Antique Shell

With an off-white base, Antique Shell mixes delicate copper and brass veins with greyish particles to create a calm, serene, and timeless effect.

Comparable to Corian® Clam Shell.


M32 Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud’s eclectic pattern begins with a base of soft white, interspersed with veins of gray, enchanting translucent pieces, and minuscule dark particles which combine to create a tone inspired by nature.

Comparable to Corian® Rain Cloud.


M40 Verano White

Soft white marbleized veins move gently across a smooth, pure white base to create a surface which epitomizes the elegance of modernity.

Comparable to Corian® Venaro White.


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