Creating Healthy Educational Spaces For Your Children

Hygiene is the most important factor to consider when choosing the best material to use in environments designed for the education of all children from infants, to preschoolers, to teenagers.

Stay Safe and Clean
With Meganite:

Meganite is GreenGuard Gold Certified,
with safety and hygiene our top priority
for educational environments.

Watch Out!


Accidents happen, and high traffic common areas such as food service spaces or washrooms are easily prone to knocks and chips and need to be tended to immediately to prevent dangers to children. Meganite solid surface is easily repairable, allowing you to easily buff the damaged area off. Meganite’s durability also gives it excellent resistance to stains, discolouration and impact.

Keep It Cleaner, Faster

Our surfaces for education environments are held to the same public health and safety standards as our healthcare materials. Inconspicuous joins make acrylic solid surfaces incredibly easy to clean. Meganite is non-porous and impervious to moisture, making it highly resistant to bacterial growth. Most pollutants can be easily removed from the surface with soap and water.


The Ultimate Solution?

Laminate and wood surfaces are easily damaged and prone to growing mold in moist environments which is impractical in education environments when messes are created. Natural stone and granite are hard and unforgiving when a child has an accident, making it potentially hazardous in school architecture.

Meganite’s water resistance and soft to the touch feel make it the perfect surface solution across vast expanses in a wide variety of educational and academic institutions.

Choose from over 1000 colors

With unlimited shape and color combinations, you have complete design flexibility. Use our vast color library to choose rich colors which enhance children’s emotional intelligence. Create a vibrant space for active minds with safe, hygienic and non-slip surfaces.

We Work Well with Other Materials

Our surfaces work harmoniously with other materials such as wood and metals, offering unlimited possibilities. They can be easily handled with wood-working tools and thermo processes to create various cuts and shapes.

Unlimited Application Possibilities.

Use acrylic solid surface to fabricate chairs, desks, tables, shelves, wall cladding, storage, staircases, countertops, washrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Meganite Acrylic Solid Surface meets all your needs for schools, colleges and universities.


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