Meganite - Sustainabilty

Meganite's commitment to sustainability

We believe building material companies also have a responsibility in protecting the environment and your health. So everything we do takes into account our company value of Creating Better Lives.

At any of Meganite’s global locations, management, staff, suppliers, and distributors are working to create healthy environments while helping local communities design greener buildings.

Sharing Knowledge

Living sustainably can be confusing. You have questions about building green and we have real answers. Meganite partners with some of North America’s most progressive distributors in sustainability knowledge and product offerings.

We make sure each distributor has LEED accredited specialists or staff with equivalent knowledge. They can help you design a sustainable space with or without Meganite.


Easy access to recycled materials

Everyone should have easy access to recycled products. The goal for the Meganite Recycled Series is simple: To popularize the use of recycled materials in everyday life.

  • We took 18 of the industry’s most popular designs and made them with recycled contents. This is our guarantee that your everyday colors will contain recycled materials.
  • The Meganite Custom Program is certified by SCS Global to make custom colors and dimensions with recycled content. This opens more possibilities for LEED buildings and more ways to ensure green design and reduced waste.

Conservation through customization

We believe conservation is one of the best ways to save the Earth and your wallet.

In many building projects today, 30% raw material waste rate is normal, but such a high number is inefficient and wasteful. That is why, since the inception of Meganite, we have always endeavored to make customizable options available and more affordable than the competition in order to avoid waste. This includes patterns and dimensions to best fit your specific projects.

Healthy living, healthy product

We believe environmental sustainability is directly tied to health. People should take care of the environment and their loved ones. Meganite Solid Surface is made with safe materials and is tested by international agencies for indoor air quality, restricted chemicals, and hygienic properties.

Reuse, reduce, recycle

The 3 Rs are important at Meganite. It is part of our daily practice.


We work with other material companies to reuse our sanding scraps because they contain high levels of exceptionally fire-retardant materials.


Since 2006, we have increased production efficiency by an average of 6% per year. It is our duty to consistently research better ways of reducing our reliance on energy and raw materials.


Meganite's packaging is designed to be recycled. The wood pallets use local wood and are designed for repeated usage or quick disassembly for recycling purposes. The strappings are made with PET, a commonly recyclable plastic. The cardboard usage per pallet is considerably less than that of our competitors.

Building Partnerships

Tells Us About Your Project

We’re happy to help. Whether it’s unique project challenges, hunting for an obscure color, or just want to bounce ideas off one of us, we are here for you.

The real path to sustainability is commitment. We can always do better and do more. This is why Meganite is committed to inspiring the world to create better and more sustainable lives TOGETHER.