Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare

Project at a Glance

Named one of the top five most beautiful hospitals in America, this 866,000-square foot hospital is the cornerstone of 50-acre integrated healthcare campus located in Elmhurst, IL.

Guided by the Planetree Philosophy, the architectural and design team focused on patient center care, resulting in a natural, prairie style throughout the building’s landscape and interior.

The hospital is characterized by comfortable, visually appealing environments for patients, care-givers and family, and materials that meet the highest standards for safety, flexibility, durability, and hygiene.

Meganite’s Solution

Meganite is the material of choice for the work surface in EMHC’s innovative nurses’ stations/work pods, centrally located to give patients easy access, more visibility and faster response.

The breakdown of surface materials at Elmhurst’s former location dictated that a more durable material be used for optimal cleanliness. Meganite easily withstands Elmhurst’s aggressive cleaning protocol, using disinfectants in wipe, spray and diluted formulas.

Infection Control practitioner Annemarie Schmocker states "By incorporating a hand washing station at the entrance to each patient room in combination with the toilet/shower room provides excellent patient/caregiver accessibility."

The use of Meganite for the window sills, with very smooth edges and seamless surface, is important to the caregiver staff in areas such as the pediatric wing, where cleaning is non-stop.

End Result

Meganite was introduced as an ‘affordable option’ during the construction process to reduce overall costs. Since then, Meganite has proven to be of significant value to Elmhurst, with the environmental service particularly pleased with its inherent functionality.

Tony Pilolla
Facilities Manager
Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare